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My Name is Crystall, I am 21 years old. I have a beautiful family and a United States Marine for a husband. We have two boys, RyLee is 4 years old and our Baby boy Gabreil Gardell passed away in 2007. I go and do what the Marine Corps tells me to end of story! I enjoy my life as a military spouse, this life could be more unexpecting, unorganized or unplanned! Demanding requests and sacrifice are just a few things our family has to endure but all the time waited is worth it in the end. Raising a toddler has been a challenge all in its own as well. Life certainly loves to throw those curve balls dont it!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Happy 1-1-11

Hard to think were in the year Twenty Eleven, i was just getting use to Twenty Ten! First kiss if the night qas my four years old, and i wouldnt change it for anything. I have hope for a better year than what twenty ten brought me. Cant get past Resolutions... but i havent really thought of any! Ive seen so many people not make any because they know they're going to break them anyways, and i think thats setting your self up for failure. Its always great to have goal. What am i talking about i have no goals this year either! Lets get to work on that shall we? Hmmmmphh, well the OBVIOUS is lose weight! EVERYONE and there mama have that goal but there is always room for improvement! This year started off exciting. I spent New years eve/day with my Marine, and four year old. Im 21 yrs old and for some reason this year i was dreading midnight!! Thats NEVER happened especially because i have insomnia. My eyes were heavy at 9pm, and 10 drug on and on, by the time midnight came we yelled, kissed and at :01 we passed OUT! On to that list :)

  • Lose 85 LBS
  • BE more active
  • Love more
  • Get a puppy :)
  • Visit distant family
  • Call an old friend
  • Help a Veteran
  • Another Baby ?!?!?
  • Help a family of 5+ for a weekend
  • Give more Support for DDSI
  • More active with the FRO
  • Get out everyday of SUMMER
  • Say im beautiful to myself once a day!
  • Have fun
  • Write a song
  • Plant a flower
  • Thanks a soldier's Mother
  • Wish upon a star

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