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My Name is Crystall, I am 21 years old. I have a beautiful family and a United States Marine for a husband. We have two boys, RyLee is 4 years old and our Baby boy Gabreil Gardell passed away in 2007. I go and do what the Marine Corps tells me to end of story! I enjoy my life as a military spouse, this life could be more unexpecting, unorganized or unplanned! Demanding requests and sacrifice are just a few things our family has to endure but all the time waited is worth it in the end. Raising a toddler has been a challenge all in its own as well. Life certainly loves to throw those curve balls dont it!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Infant Loss

I just wanted to share my thoughts with everyone towards Infant Loss. I have suffered the from this horrible my self, my thoughts and prayers to those who have as well. One on lifes hardest moments when their whole world is taken away from them! The worst thing i have ever heard someone say during this crucial time is "It will be okay, you have another child" hmm mmm, some people will never know that, that right there is the worst thing you could ever hear in that time of need aside from you deserved it! I believe "for every death there will be life" and im hoping the death of my child brought on another beautiful blessing! 07/07/2007 is a day we will never forget and forever have an emptiness in our hearts. God bless our babies!

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